Dark Data Contains Hidden Risks as well as Opportunities

90% of the data in your organization is dark data. Dark data is undiscovered, unstructured, and contains unknown risks.
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Prevent incidents and protect your company with effective, automated data discovery powered by machine learning.

Dark data assets in your organization are constantly expanding and have significant impacts on your business. Dark data results in a greater level of risk as well as a significant portion of your data storage costs.
Datahunter dashboard analysis results.
Datahunter's data discovery platform provides deep analysis, immediate insights, and agility to assess existing and newly created dark data assets no matter where they exist.
Gain complete insights as fast as dark data is created.
Datahunter PII identities widget

Identify Sensitive Data

DatahunterDark data typically contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This is data that poses a significant risk to your business.
Datahunter automatically discovers and isolate these records. Datahunter also determines if data masking, obfuscation, and purging activities are required. Additionally, Datahunter also assesses the effectiveness of these efforts by also identifying potential and probable PII records.
Datahunter's dashboard allows your analysts, legal, data officers, and other stakeholders to drill-down and understand where risk exists in your dark data.
Datahunter PII drill-down dashboard analysis showing detail results of the PII data scan.

3rd Party Dark Data

Your organization exchanges information with 3rd parties and other partners daily. Are you aware of the contents of these data sources and the risk they represent? Are these sources assessed before providing access to your analysts, developers and other employees?
Datahunter analyzes and provides insights on any data source and format. Flexibly of the platform allows these sources to be scanned before they are stored in your enterprise database or big data environments.
Implement privacy protection and preventative risk management solutions for your 3rd party data flows.
Datahunter data explore feature showing relationships within the data scanned.

Find new opportunities

Dark data represents the largest repository of data in your organization. In most organizations dark data represents 80% of your total data. Dark data contains untapped opportunities.
Datahunter provides insights that allow you to understand and find use for your dark data.
Using the Datahunter explore capability also shows you the potential relationships with your other data sources. Data scientists and other data analysts using Datahunter are able to quickly jumpstart their innovation efforts.
Turn your Dark Data into a competitive advantage.

One central dashboard for all your data discovery needs

Datahunter central dashboard showing PII, Quality, and Environment indicators.
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