Assess, manage, and protect your databases against digital privacy risks with
Use machine learning and automated discovery tools to streamline Privacy Impact Assessments, Cloud Migration and Compliance.

Take control of your large datasets

Are your column headers sufficient to understand what is stored in your databases?
6+ million developers
are handling datasets with Personal Identifiable Information in 2019
Privacy can not be overlooked with new emerging privacy regulations, CCPA, GDPR, and China Cyber Law.
2.5 Petabytes
of personal data are collected every hour in multiple systems by a fortune 500 company
Stay ahead of the game and make sure you know where all the personal data is collected.
over 60% of migration effort
can be caused by lack of understanding of legacy datasets
Without discovery tools, intensive manual analysis will be required to understand legacy data.

Is your organization ready?

Prepare your organization for Privacy Impact Assessments, Cloud Migration, and Compliance.
Keep your compliance
Be ready for new data privacy regulations and stay compliant with internal policies.
Speed-up your Privacy Impact Assessments
Use automated database discovery tools to locate personal information.
Streamline your data migration activities
Leverage machine learning and automated discovery tools to simplify data migration.
Identify pre-migration issues, anonymize existing data sets and validate migration scripts.
Track your Changes
Stay up to date with the latest activity in your data with our Data Comparison tool.
Data Discovery, Simplified
Over 90% accuracy with 10+ years of experience in PII and Machine Learning
Whether you are doing data discovery, looking to re-enforce your compliance, or doing new cloud deployments. Datahunter's in-depth data scan can provide you with new insights to integrate and validate your data sources.
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Automated data discovery
30+ recognizers built with over 10 years of experience in PII and over 30 different data types
DSO/DPO Compliance Dashboard
Accurate third party near real-time audit tool that supports ongoing data changes.
AI Program Risk Management
AI Readiness metrics to assess the effort of preparing analytics or AI projects using our proprietary statistical analysis.
Cloud Migration
Use analysis results to understanding data risks in a cloud migration program and anonymize datasets.
Deep Data Scan
Process every row of data for any database size using parallel processing, generate SAR (Subject Access Requests) requests and locate information hidden in notes or other obscure fields.
Extract data clusters
Advanced statistical analysis enables to extract hidden relationships between multiple databases and key tables can be located using cluster analysis. Editions
Datahunter - Essentials
Try Datahunter Free
14 Day Trial
Demo Dataset Included
Local Install
Evaluate CSV/Excel
Datahunter - Professional
Everything in Essentials Plus:
Multiple Database Types
Automated Risk Indicators
Data Quality Discovery
AI Readiness Assessment
Cross Entity Analysis
Datahunter - Enterprise
Everything in Professional Plus:
Custom Configurations
Custom AI Identifiers
Custom Integrations
Table Relationships Visualizer
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